CAA#20 V/A (World) – Two Square Polycarbonate Lathe Cuts


Cyland Audio Archive CAA#20, curated by Sergey Komarov and Vladislav Dobrovolski, published August 20135. Two 7.5″ polycarbonate squares 188x188mm with lathe cut. Cutted on american vintage lathe from 50s using soviet tube LOMO amp with famous Grampian type D feedback cutterhead. Silk-screened antistatic sleeves. Playable on any turntable. Skipless and quiet groove. Monaural. Total Time: 15 Minutes. Continue reading

Nachtmuziek Compilation on Nachtstück Records

Nachtmuziek is a compilation dedicated to the visionary Dutch composer Dick Raaymakers, who passed away recently. It features music of people connected somehow to the institute of sonology, as well as some guests. Dick Raaymakers (Raaijmakers) (Maastricht, 1 September 1930–4 september 2013) was a Dutch composer, theater maker and theorist. He is known as a pioneer in the field of electronic music and tape music but he has also realized numerous music theater pieces and has published many theoretical essays. Nachtstück Records is a record label, starting its activity in beginning of 2014, focused on releasing primarily Free Improvised Music, … Continue reading

CD Mike Cooper (Prod.): Hipshot Guitars


3-minute piece on Hipshot Records CD 021, released by Mike Cooper. 37 artists on 36 tracks on this three-CD-set. To buy, go to Hipshot Records, or see the Bandcamp links below. Artists on CD 1 Gary Butler, Thurston Moore, Ben Mandelson, Jack Rose, Lawrence English, Ezekiel Healy, Bruce Russell, Greg Malcone, Matt Valentine, Susan Alcorn, Jole Picard, David Toop – Artists on CD 2 Hans Tammen, Elliott Sharp, Tim Catlin, Candlesnuffer, Paolo Agnelli, Marco Cappelli, Tom Carter, Fuji, Tetuzi Akayama, Chris Forsyth, Phil Bird, Robin Schmidt, Jean Marc Montera, Erhard Hirt Artists on CD 3 Stephan Basho Junghans, Sharif … Continue reading

CD Elliott Sharp (Prod.): State Of The Union 2001


“Three Channel Guitar” on EMF CD 028, released by Electronic Music Foundation. Total Time: 171 minutes. 171 artists on this three-CD-set, each one contributed a one minute piece! This is the fifth “State of the Union” release, which has been Elliott Sharps´ ongoing project since the zOaR Records release in 1982. Profits go to the National Coalition Against Censorship. To buy, go to From The EMF-Website This amazing 3-CD set of contemporary sound and text-based music may be just what you need to live a full life. Elliott Sharp set aside his sax and guitar to collect one-minute music … Continue reading