CD Mike Cooper (Prod.): Hipshot Guitars


3-minute piece on Hipshot Records CD 021, released by Mike Cooper. 37 artists on 36 tracks on this three-CD-set. To buy, go to Hipshot Records, or see the Bandcamp links below. Artists on CD 1 Gary Butler, Thurston Moore, Ben Mandelson, Jack Rose, Lawrence English, Ezekiel Healy, Bruce Russell, Greg Malcone, Matt Valentine, Susan Alcorn, Jole Picard, David Toop – Artists on CD 2 Hans Tammen, Elliott Sharp, Tim Catlin, Candlesnuffer, Paolo Agnelli, Marco Cappelli, Tom Carter, Fuji, Tetuzi Akayama, Chris Forsyth, Phil Bird, Robin Schmidt, Jean Marc Montera, Erhard Hirt Artists on CD 3 Stephan Basho Junghans, Sharif … Continue reading

CD Elliott Sharp (Prod.): State Of The Union 2001


“Three Channel Guitar” on EMF CD 028, released by Electronic Music Foundation. Total Time: 171 minutes. 171 artists on this three-CD-set, each one contributed a one minute piece! This is the fifth “State of the Union” release, which has been Elliott Sharps´ ongoing project since the zOaR Records release in 1982. Profits go to the National Coalition Against Censorship. To buy, go to From The EMF-Website This amazing 3-CD set of contemporary sound and text-based music may be just what you need to live a full life. Elliott Sharp set aside his sax and guitar to collect one-minute music … Continue reading

CD Statements en México


Jazzorca 014, recorded 2000, released 2002. Total Time 73:16. Recorded live at Ex Teresa del Arte, Mexico City, during a 10-day stay with STATEMENTS, the duo with pianist Ursel Schlicht. Organized by German and Francisco Bringas. Buying Options Order CD for $13 plus shipping here: CD Statements en México US $15.00 USDInternational $18.00 USD Lineup Both concerts: German Bringas – soprano/tenor saxophones and trumpet, Francisco Bringas – tabla, Ursel Schlicht – piano, Hans Tammen – endangered guitar. Experimental Concert: Walter Schmidt – bassguitar, Salvador Cruz – acoustic guitar, Mario de Vega – sampler, Marcos Miranda – clarinet, Carlos Castillo – … Continue reading

CD Various Artists: Strings and Stings II


A collaboration with Jerôme Noetinger (4:37), recorded 2001, released 2002 on French label FBWL. Total time of the CD 64:33. Second volume from the series of guitar-as-unique-source compilations – various treatments: electroacoustics, improvised, noise, calm… 13 unreleased and exclusive tracks. All 13 tracks are built from guitar sounds, the CD is compiled by Jerôme Langlais. Artists Marc Sens Falter Bramnk KG Oldine Christian Fennesz Lee Ranaldo + erikm K.K. Null Baka! (Franck Lafay + Jean-Louis Prades) Schizotrope (R.Pinhas + M.G.Dantec) The Double Life Of Véronique (scored for four bowed guitars) Rafael Toral + Hilmar Jensson Mété (Bertrand Molinier) Jérôme Noetinger … Continue reading