Clang028, released October 2015, total time 51:33. After release "Simulaciones" [clang024] on March 2015, Equipo brings together nine artists from different cities of Europe and America

Including my Disklavier #9 work, this compilation is an excerpt from the sound-art program of 2012's CYBERFEST in St. Petersburg, Russia - curated by Sergey Komarov.

After two years and 30,000 miles of travel, the $100 Guitar has come home! The $100 Guitar Project has been released as a double CD on Bridge Records.

"Three Channel Guitar" on EMF CD 028, released by Electronic Music Foundation. Total Time: 171 minutes. 171 artists on this three-CD-set. This is the fifth "State of the Union" release by Elliott Sharp.

Jazzorca 014, recorded 2000, released 2002. Total Time 73:16. Recorded live at Ex Teresa del Arte, Mexico City, during a 10-day stay with STATEMENTS, the duo with pianist Ursel Schlicht.