disklaviercdClang 031, recorded April 2006 at Brooklyn College, New York, recording engineer Yonatan Niv, mastering by Paul Geluso. Published on Clang November 2015. All compositions by Hans Tammen. Total Time 44:30

Clang028, released October 2015, total time 51:33. After release "Simulaciones" [clang024] on March 2015, Juan Cristóbal Saavedra aka Equipo brings together nine artists from different cities of Europe and America

Clang 026, recorded 2012, released 2015 on Clang. Total Time: 38:39 Minutes. Satoshi Takeishi – percussion; Hans Tammen – endangered guitar, guitar and percussion live sound processing

Cyland Audio Archive CAA#20, curated by Sergey Komarov and Vladislav Dobrovolski, published August 20135. Two 7.5″ polycarbonate squares 188x188mm with lathe cut. Cutted on american vintage lathe from 50s using soviet tube LOMO amp with famous Grampian type D feedback cutterhead. Silk-screened antistatic sleeves. Playable on any turntable. Skipless and quiet groove. Monaural. Total Time: 15 Minutes.

AHA 1401, recorded 1998, rereleased on Acheulian Handaxe. Total Time: 62 Minutes. Works by Martin Speicher after paintings by sculpturist and painter Harald Jegodziensky. Martin Speicher - altosax & clarinet, Hans Tammen - acoustic & electric guitars, Georg Wolf - bass, Michael Vorfeld - percussion & string instruments.

Clang 010, recorded 2008, released 2014 on Clang. Total Time: 62:37 Minutes. Hans Tammen - endangered guitar, blippoo box; Joker Nies - omnichord, circuit bent instruments; Mario DeVega - SPK®, amplified objects, blippoo box.

Dom Minasi + Hans Tammen: Two guitars creating music where complex rhythms constantly morph from one to the other, flowing seamlessly like streams in a river.

Recorded 2012, released 2013 on OutNow Recordings. Total Time: 69:41 Minutes. Denman Maroney - hyperpiano, Hans Tammen - endangered guitar, electronics, live processing. Recorded June 2012 by Peter Karl at Peter Karl Studios.

Choking Disklavier #9, #5 and #11, total time approx. 9 minutes. Cyland Audio Archive CAA#3, curated by Sergey Komarov, published June 2013. 7.5" polycarbonate squares 3mm thickness with lathe cut. Cutted on american vintage lathe from 50s using soviet tube amp. Silk-screened antistatic sleeves with handwriting. Numbered. Playable on any turntable. Monaural.