Dreamscapes – A Lytle/Drury/Filano/Nagai/Tammen/Ulrich Sextet

lytle sextet

DREAMSCAPES – A Lytle/Drury/Filano/Nagai/Tammen/Ulrich Sextet by elewhale music An elewhale production, recorded July 2014 at Spectrum, NYC, released Feb 2015 on Bandcamp. With Michael Lytle – Bass Clarinet, Andrew Drury – Drums and Percussion, Ken Filano – Acoustic Bass, Shoko Nagai – Piano, Hans Tammen – Acoustic Guitar, and Tomas Ulrich – Cello Buying Options: through Bandcamp (see player above) Michael Lytle’s Liner Notes I believe good improvisation is almost always better than composed music. You just can’t write this stuff. This is one of those instances that proves the point. (As are many recordings on this site.) I’m always … Continue reading

CD Erdtöne: Notation des Lots (Rerelease)


AHA 1401, recorded 1998, rereleased on Acheulian Handaxe. Total Time: 62 Minutes. Works by Martin Speicher after paintings by sculpturist and painter Harald Jegodziensky. Martin Speicher – altosax & clarinet, Hans Tammen – acoustic & electric guitars, Georg Wolf – bass, Michael Vorfeld – percussion & string instruments. Continue reading