Blatant Lies – Adam Rokhsar and Hans Tammen

adamhansBlatant Lies is a battle of analog and digital sounds as Hans Tammen and Adam Rokhsar use modular synths and the sensors hidden in smart phones to make a new form of dance music. It is a loud, visceral blast of beats, melodies, and controlled chaos. They make music with their bodies — the way they move changes the sound, and each show is different from the last. Blatant Lies is an experience of human beings pushing back against the machines we surround ourselves with, and it is not clear Tammen and Rokhsar are dancing to the music, or if the music is dancing to them.

Blatant Lies is a high energy experience conducted by a former programmer for undertakers now playing modular synth, and a former therapist for sex offenders using sensors attached to his body. It is a lot of fun.

Adam Rokhsar performs with custom software, an iPhone, and Ableton Live.
Hans Tammen performs with modular synthesizer.

Blatant Lies at Warper Party 2013


Noble Blatant Lies: Splintered AV Chaos through 3D Glasses 2014

Jeff Noble joins Blatant Lies (Adam Rokhsar and Hans Tammen) bringing edgy motion sensing of audio and 3D video to their visceral blast of modular synths and smartphone samples. Concert recorded at Harvestworks, New York.