$100 Guitar Project: “I Hate Zero Crossings”

A metal ring between the strings near the bridge makes them vibrate slower, and the resulting low frequencies are fed into constantly looping recording buffers. The buffer length varies, and is set without any concern for zero crossings. Due to the long wavelength the cuts occur usually at random points on the cycle, causing loud clicks. Rhythms and loud square wave sounds are results of the various lengths of the buffers. Some sounds are played, of course, but there are also some noises amplified, and come from the guitar directly. The piece was recorded at Diapason’s multichannel sound gallery, and is a stereo downmix of the 5.1 version.

See more about this project here: http://www.100dollarguitar.com


The $100 Guitar is now passing through the hands of many players, each of which will record a piece with it (anywhere from a few seconds to 3 minutes long), and then pass it on to the next player. When we’ve got enough pieces we’ll release a CD (maybe self release or maybe some label, too early to tell).


Here is a final list of participants:
Alex Skolnick
Amy Denio
Andy Aledort
Ava Mendoza
Barry Cleveland
Bill Brovold
Bill Sharp (Biota)
Bruce Eisenbeil
Caroline Feldmeier
Chris Murphy
Chuck O’Meara
Colin Marston
David Linaberg
David Starobin
Del Rey
Elliot Sharp
Ernesto Lucar
Fred Frith
Greg Anderson
Han-earl Park
Hans Tammen
Henry Kaiser
Hillary Fielding
James Moore
Janet Feder
Jesse Krakow
Jesse Kranzler
Joe Berger
John Shiurba
Jon Diaz
Josh Lopes
Juan Parra
Julia Miller
Kai Niggeman
Karl Evangelista
Keith Rowe
Ken Field
Kobe Van Cauwenberghe
Larry Polansky
Manuel Göttsching (Ash Ra Tempel)
Marco Cappelli
Marco Oppedissano
Mark Hitt
Mark Solomon
Mark Stewart
Marty Carlson
Mat Eiland
Matt Wilson
Michael Bierylo
Mike Keneally
Mike Lerner
Nels Cline
Nick Didkovsky
Phil Burk
Ray Kallas
Rhys Chatham
Roger Miller
Ron Anderson
Shawn Persinger
Steve MacLean
Taylor Levine
Teisco Del Rey
Thomas Dimuzio
Tom Marsan
Toon Callier/Zwerm
Wiek Hijmanns